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This policy is effective as of February 24, 2019.

Here at, Cloud6, your privacy is of utmost importance to us, so here is a little idea of how we use your information.

Here’s the short of it, when you fill out any form whether that be a mailing list form, contact form or a quote request form we obviously gather that information and here’s what we do with it:

1.    When you fill out a mailing list form, the only information we ask from you is your email

      address. Once you hit submit that gets put in a database so we can send you pretty lit stuff to

      your inbox. We don’t sell our email lists, so your email is safe with us.

2.   When you fill out a contact form because you are interested in working with us that

      information gets sent to our email and we respond to you. We don’t share or sell off that

      information to anyone outside of Cloud6. The only time we may share that info is if we feel

      that we are in danger and then we may pass it on to the local authorities.


3.   When you fill out a contact form because you are interested in working with one

      of our clients, or wish to inquire about more information that form gets sent to an email

      address so that someone can get back to you. We have no control over what happens with

      your information, but if we do find out a client is selling your information we will take the

      necessary steps to terminate our partnership with them.


4.   When you fill out a quote request form it is pretty much the same as contact form, we will

      take that information and then respond to you and again we won’t share that information

      unless we feel that we are in danger and that you are a threat in which case we may pass that

      information on to the local authorities.

The other info we may collect is what pages from either ours or a client's website have been visited and how many times. We don’t secretly collect information that you don’t know about.

If you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy don’t hesitate to contact us below.

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